Friday, November 29, 2013

HINDUISM AND ISLAM, we always have different criteria while reading these religion names, these charming religions are those which being followed by many in and around the world, people find many differences between these religion and many similarities though…But actually speaking people always fail to understand all religion followers are humans, Religion is only the identity given to human beings BUT NOW IT IS TAKEN OTHER WAY ROUND NOWADAYS …

People say ISLAM is a founded religion by Prophet Paigambar, but there is no single founder for Hinduism, Hinduism is actually where it was a way of life people lived and later it was turned to a religion itself… IALAM MEANS PEACE, HINDUIAM is a GEOGRAPHICAL WORD NO specific meaning for it. ISLAM FOUND ABOUT 1500 years ago History of HINDUISM can be traced back to 2500 years ago
ISLAM do not believe in reincarnations but Hindus believe in the cycle of reincarnations until they reach eternal sate, ISALM is based on teaching of prophet, but HINDUISM has no such one particular person for teaching they accept many saints teaching. ISALM does not allow other religion conversions whereas HINDUISM aint like that there is no such restrictions here. ISLAM supports widow remarriage whereas HINDUS do not.

ON other hand we do have some similarities in both ISLAM AND HINDUISM does not support IDOL worship ( but now in HINDUISM it has been developed by people, to create a moral support to people), Hindus follow different saint saying and worship them whereas ISLAM also supports that by going to different dhargas and worshipping saints, Both HINDUS AND ISLAM people do not wear shoe inside worship place, Lending money on interest is immoral on BOTH religion, ISLAM follow the month of ramzan as scared and they fast for one month and celebrate likewise HINDUS fast on the month of Shravana  and celebrate it…both the religions use similar japa mala for worship…

These above differences are shown to people not make or show discrimination in these two religion but to show only that when a faithful being is followed by people there are positives and only positives in it, but we people started discriminating and turned the positives to negatives, there are few relationships were people stay in good rapo with each other BEYOND THE WALLS OF RELIGION…

Though few can’t accept such jovial being they must not be a parasite in destructing these, whatever it is, apart from everything We are human beings with same structural organs in body just because a person is Muslim he don’t possess an extra eye and just because a person is Hindu he don’t possess an extra heart to pump blood and give more life to him, WHOEVER MAY THE GOD AND WATEVER MAY BE THE RELIGION WE ARE HUMANS WITH BASIC HUMANITY TO EACH OTHER…DON’T force all your ethical religious activities on others , when we accept LIVING TOGATHER POLICY AS A SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT WHY CANT WE ACCEPT ALL RELIGION AS SAME ALL GOD ARE SAME AND ALL PEOPLE ARE HUMANS….think over it, let peace prevail…Love one another…

NOTE: This article is not to hurt anyone or any religion in particular, this is just an attempt to create an imprint in all people that there is something BEYOND THE WALLS OF RELIGION try to realise it and start living your life…


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