Monday, December 2, 2013

Islamic people feel listening and singing to music is haram is that a real truth, let’s have a look on the facts behind it…a few of quraanic verses exclaim that listening to music is totally bad, it affects our character and all, those days people were restricted because, they thought that people who are most indulged into these singing and dancing activities will posses bad character, that is do things up to any extent without any limits so they did not allow people to listen, on the quraan is a book which preaches people on how to lead their life, but now in this competitive world people can’t remain the same as they did earlier and no way it’s going to work out even…

If that is going to the case of it, Islam Brothers worship in a melodious rytheme, why is that… For example Allahu Akbar subhana rabiyaal adheem… this prayer is always done in a rythemic format in the book of Quarran sometimes there is a song called ginan, a song always means the blending texture of words emotions raised from body we express it in form of music…

If we totally protest the music, then there is no life behind music, Islam Brothers hear nagoor Haanifa songs when his songs are accepted then why cant you accept Music, if we had protested it we would have got great Islam Singers like Shamshad Begum, Manoj( Original name NAGOOR BABU), and many more singers, above all world renowned A.R.RAHAMAN ( though his orgin is not purely ISLAMIC but partially yes because he is right now into ISLAMIC religion)

Those days such a rules were made to control people from of exposing to much of entertainment but at this century it’s really tuff control ourselves and our future generations even,  Music has always not had discrimination between religions, caste or creed it’s a free emotional stuffs to be expressed, as per quaraanic versions music spoils our health and music destroys our character and attitude, we do agree with it not only music any stuffs beyond the limit will destroy us… but it DOES NOT MEAN THAT WE MUST NOT ENJOY IT ENJOY AND EXPRESS MUSIC… MUSIC IS A LANGUAGE BEYOND HUMAN LANGUAGES…FEEL IT AND EXPRESS IT…


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