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Top 5 Amazing Facts of Food

Agriculture is the base for human civilization; Agriculture is a backbone for our country. Once we start cultivating our own food it is known that we are being civilized and we could stop migrating from one part to other. This article comprises of 5 Amazing facts about our food.

Johnny Appleseed:
Who is this Johnny Appleseed???? What he did actually??? This person roamed around Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. He started planting 100,000 miles of Apple trees and those orchards still remain today. His total business was cultivating Apple orchids and he started selling few cents of it after cultivation and this is how he became a wealthy man at the time of his death.

Celery with all negativity:
We obtain cereal to maintain our diet, the purpose of consuming cereal is to maintain our body calorie and to lose weight, but just imagine and see what will happen if the calorie needed is more to eat than the calorie it supplies to body. But don’t worry you can have it a certain amount.

Facts of Bananas:
Bananas are the most healthiest and common food that our grandparents gifted to us. The first raised Banana plants are Gros Michel, but it dint last longer got destroyed due to panama disease, then raised a version of Cavendish, which is less tastier than Gros Michel but highly resistive to Panama disease. The saddest part of it is now even this spice is in extinction condition.

Potatoes Are Poisonous:
Potatoes are really toxic to health; it produces solanium a toxic substance, which is ill to health any potatoes with green spots on it should not be consumed at all, anyhow now a day’s low toxic potatoes are being cultivated and sent to markets.

Grapes Produces Plasma Gas:
Grapes are those fruits with sour and sweet taste but you ever know that these fruits will produce plasma gas but please don’t try it at home it may burn your whole house even. Just cut the grapes into two halves and place it in microwave, remove the rotating pate inside and should not place it more than 10 seconds after that you will find a gas emitting out of it and a layer of plasma will be found and stands for few moments.

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