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Exploring Brand new Android games

Android is showing a voracious development in all it fields; here are some new upcoming games in Android those are as follows

Freak Tower:

It’s all about, building a baddest tower in freak town. Viewers are sure to enjoy this game , though this game is not launched totally people can trail it online.


People who are very much found of robots and stuffs are sure to enjoy this game, it’s all about blasting your fellow robots, your robot will be totally armed and universally protected the game is all about you blasting the robots or being blasted by others.

Galatic Heros:

Android will not put down sci-fic enjoys  here is the treat to you this game is all about fighting for resources and conquering the universe. These heroes experience the race of survival between the federation of empires and liberty alliance

Defence Technica:

This game is all about defending a tower, its a 3D game. It experiences a new gaming slot with construction and destruction of towers. Gaining more objectives and unlocking more new levels are the thrilling part of games.

3D Bus Simulator:

If you love driving heavy vehicles then you must try playing this game for sure, be the best driver ever in the universe, you will find a online ranking in this game.

3D puzzles:

3D puzzles are those normal puzzle solving game, it consists of different levels to clear up with (easy, medium, hard) with each level crossing you will be given a bonus of points.

Galaxy on fire 2HD:

Yeah as the name implies it’s a sci-fci game dealing with all combats and warring in space hope people who are found of will enjoy this game for sure.

Flow Loops:

This game is other awesome puzzle game; you can enjoy this game by finding and filling all closed loops.

Cook, Serve, Delicious:

It’s all about food and restaurant it gives players, an option of shifting their restaurants where ever they wish to.

Chasy and Spynax:

It’s a mysterious game, about a museum. An Egyptian goddess idol is broken by a cat and it has to be investigated and mystery has to be solved

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