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Few Amazing tips to overcome Oily skin

Feeling tough with oilyskin here is the solution for which can be adopted easily:

Summer season is the crucial time to overcome this oily skin, use products which are specially made for oily skin like matt foundation, matt power which absorbs the oil excreted by skin.

Be conscious enough in your food don’t consume too much of oily foods try to have fresh vegetables and fruits more

Do carefully choose your cosmetics, use non-alcoholic products because normal beauty products includes oil secreting content more to open the skin pores so those with oily skin can avoid those products

Use products containing more water content because normal lotions and creams will not help oily skin.

Opt for natural treatment only there you won’t face any form of side effects 
Egg yolk is the medicine for oily skin, take egg yolk and apply it on face let it dry for few minutes then wash it after it get dried with cold water

Lime and cucumber for those who don’t use egg yolk, can replace this lime cleanses the skin and cucumber nourishes the skin as well

Aloe vera is other good medicine for this it makes your skin soft and supple and its totally refreshing

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