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Medicinal Plants and its Uses

Over centuries it has been found that, many medicinal plants are in use around us. But due to increase in population, and in expansion of lively needs we started destroying our Resources. Other reason for this misshaping is lack of awareness to people about our resources. To overcome this situation many organization has started to conserve our medicinal being. The demand for medicinal plants has been increased commercially. Marketing of medicinal plants has also been increased worldwide. So it is necessary that people can start growing few Home cultivated medicinal plants like Tulsi, Aloe Vera, Etc… A survey tells us we are losing one spices of medicinal plant every year, and over 15000 spices are at danger. As the need of medicinal plants increases on both scientifically and medically, the demand for it also increases.
·        National Cancer institute says 75% of drugs are derived from the natural medicinal plants.
·        People who suffered from leukemia have been treated with the medicinal plants which occurred from alkaloid plants at Madagascar.
·        A few life threatening diseases like HIV, DIABETES, etc...Can be treated with these medicinal plants.
·        In china the use of medicinal plants goes back at least 4000 years, and there is nothing to wonder upon it. People are more exposed to Traditional medicinal cure than their native arrivals.
·        Use of wild medicinal plants will improve the health of people and also improve the life span of human being.
·        But our ignorance is making this plant to reach its extinction of life. This extinction is effected upon not only on the destruction of spices but also on the few staple crops which are vitamins and mineral rich.

The Following are few medicinal tips:
·        Aloe – Used for the treatment of  burns and wounds, widely found in the area of South Africa or Arabian peninsula.

·        Aspirin- Used for pain relief, Blood thinning and for Healthy Heart widely found in the area of Europe.

·        Black Cohosh- Used for  treating Hormonal disorders these plants are widely spread in the area of  Eastern part of united Sates and Canada.

·        Blood Root- Treatment of  Skin disorders and cancer , these plants are widely found in the area of south-eastern part of united states 
·        Camphor-  Used in pneumatic pain relief widely found in the area of  Asia.

·        Colchicines- Cure for Cancer and Gout, Widely found in the area of Eurasia.

·        Devils Club Shrub- used in the treatment of infection cure diabetes and Tuberculosis widely found in the area of Western North America.

·        Digitalis- used in the treatment for Heart Failure, widely found in the area of Europe.

·        Hoodia- It is widely used for weight loss treatment; the plant is spread in the area of South Africa.

·        Madagascar Periwinkle- it is used to treat Leukemia  Hodgkin disease, and other varieties of Cancer. It is found in the area of Madagascar.

·          Taxol- it is used for the treatment of Breast and other cancer, Widely found in the area of Asia.

The above were few herbs which are being used for curing these common diseases, there are many other herbs which helps in curing all life threatening diseases, as a human being we must start conserving these spices and start using it for betterment of life. Hope this article will be useful to you all, please start sharing about are resource advantage and start creating awareness to people who are really unaware about our medicinal resources and uses of medicinal plants. Please blog on to the following link to know best tourist spots and restaurants in India.


  1. I was very interested to learn that 75% of medicines derived from natural herbs. It is a very large percentage. I think that the study of these plants can help to overcome many diseases.

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