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Upcoming Technologies

On Road Technologies:
Technology is growing fast, World is running towards the empowerment of technology. Everything in and around us are man made technology, the following are few ideas which is going to create a land mark in the world of science and improvement.

OLEV (Online Electrical Vehicles):
We people would have heard about online booking, online chatting, online coaching, online exams and everything online just technology and us, now this generation is going to experience an online vehicle too. Technology improvement in car were from decades earlier petrol and diesel cars changed to Battery moving cars then to Solar energy cars and now it’s been emerged as Online cars. The specialty of this car is nothing but it consists of RECHARGING COIL PLACED UNDER THE CAR, AND IT GETS RECHARGED BY ELECTROMAGNETIC BROADCAST FIELD FROM THE CABLE  this car consists of Battery too, which can be recharged electrically. So that in case of travelling some remote areas this battery will help you. Since this car travels by online most of the time these battery will stay longer and its efficiency are too good. This car delivers 80% of total output and its being tested on road at South Korea.

Live 3D Printing:
We usually print whatever we want in paper then technology grew to color printing, now it has developed to 3D printing, what’s the specialty ??? This printer allows you to print any materials in 3D format. All you want is stack a bundle of layers for materials to be used then blue-print from the bottom up will slice the drawing through Computer Aided Design and finally you can use this as a virtual model for the drawings been made by Plastic, metals Or any Alloys.

Auto Repaired Products:
We are human beings if we get injured its getting healed by itself not only for humans but for any living organisms, Now technology is presenting us with a new product that HEALS on its own, if any machine or material is getting damaged you need not take pain to repair it, Rather it heals on its own. And the Notified Truth to be shared here is the Out coming products from those machines are really long lasting, and of good quality.

Efficient way to purify water:
Development of industries and growth in human population, are demanding increase in water for both Rural and urban areas. Rural people need water for irrigation and cultivation purpose where as urban people don’t even find to drink even, so if we start purifying the sea the water we would find ample amount of water to fulfill all our needs and purposes, so we could adopt FORWARD OSMOSIS method to purify the water.

Purifying CO2:
Rapid growth of industries, lead to decrements of Survival land, Water, Food and finally breathing Air too. But technology has found other alternate way to cure this demand, by converting carbon-di-oxide to oxygen and more useful goods. These conversion are done taking the low heat thermal plant and its waste, it further uses some useful photosynthetic bacteria and its being processed. With this you will get liquid fuels and other products too.

Nutrition Development through Technology:
Though we grow faster globally worldwide we still lag behind to fulfill are nutrient purposes. Now there is substitute to it these nutrients are being injected directly according to the gene level of every man.

Sensors to improviseHealth:
We use sensors in different fields, but now this modern era is trying to implement it medically. Particularly used for sensing the blood pressure and heart beat and not only for that, it automatically injects Insulin when it senses a malfunction.

Drug Injector:
Usually Drugs are injected through injection manually for many deadly diseases this may damage the tissues even, so a precised form of it being introduced through NANO TECHNOLOGY, which reduces the damage of tissues. And even the drugs are transferred to the right place.

Increased use of Nuclear Reactors:
As of now we use only 1% of nuclear uranium for process and rest are pulled as waste products. Now trend is going to changed with the upcoming Technology Uranium used can be recycled in the name of Breeding Uranium process and with help of LOW COOLING nuclear reactor we are going to achieve this.

Last but not least, though we humans use our brain to invent so much artificial stuffs around us in the name of technology, it will positively have real side effects on us. Depleting or environment and growing our technology are not a success to us. It means that we are moving to our extinction, it is obvious that growth is needed but CONSERVING MANKIND AND ENVIRONMENT IS MUCH IMPORTANT THAN THAT. To know about the blasting improvements in the field of communication please stay online with our site.

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