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Organic Food

Organic food has became more popular among the people in and around the world, specifying diets in food has become mandatory now and people are searching for good nutritious and healthy food in all means apart from fruits and vegetables eating healthy, and living healthy is most important , most of the organic substances do not contain GMO’S in it. Organic products can be yielded from organic feed, and not through given antibiotics, or growth hormones injected to it or through any animal products.

Organic food are more nutritious than non-organic food and a survey has proved it to be more beneficial, the minerals and other contents in the food are more when compared to that of non-organic food. There are more benefits in organic food, it consists more of anti oxidants, pesticides, herbicides in it.

Organic foods have more pesticides in it this is useful in growth of children and more useful for pregnant ladies who lag in immunity power, this helps in improving it. Doing organic farming helps in keeping the environment pollution free farming and good for health too. It conserves our resources.

Organic production does not include chemical in any of its products, those are yielded and irrigated naturally without adding any pesticides, and including all meat, egg, etc… nothing is irrigated chemically.

The crops are grown with natural fertilizers (manure, compost).
Weeds and insects are controlled naturally (crop rotation, hand weeding, mulching, and tilling).

Now a day’s people prefer for locally grown food, and its nothing but growing it in their own farms or purchasing it from the nearby farmers, where fruits and vegetables are grown in organic manner without adding any chemical pesticides to it.

People prefer locally grown food for various reasons:

Financial benefits
Transportation issues
Fresh produce

People always try finding how local framers produce a chemical free pesticides and insecticides you can even request for a farm tour to learn more on it

Bell Peppers
Grapes (imported)
Non-organic fruits and vegetables with low pesticide levels
These are some organically grown fruits and vegetables:
Corn (sweet)
Peas (sweet)
Sweet Potatoes

Generally we wash fruits and vegetables before consuming it but washing reduces only a certain part of pesticide in it, and through peeling you could reduce it considerably but most of the nutrients even go away  by doing that so its aint a good idea too.
We are not going achieve, anything good out off hybrid variety of foods and products except that our health will be spoiled badly and it’s like slow poison so go for organic products which enlights your health and mind in all means. Please stay tuned with our site to know more about it.

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