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Resorts to Relax

A vacation is must for all human beings, to release their stress. And the health benefits of spending time with nature are a recorded truth so people are requested to make their holiday well accommodated in resorts. Resorts will relive your stress and not only that it gives a fulfillment of your being there with nature. Here are few resorts around Chennai where you can check out with.
  •         Radisson Temple Bay Resort:
Temple Bay is a beach resort which gives you extensive view of sea, and the beauty lust of resort will make you stay for longer time. The resort is specially designed for comfort and luxury of customers; this resort gives a unique beauty and is constructed in a very modern manner. Located at Mahabalipuram at Chennai
It costs RS 4900/- per person.

  •  Ideal Beach Resort:
It’s one of the most ideal resorts to hang out with, the specialty of resort is its Sun Rise, Sun set, Surf and Long waves of Sea. People who really enjoy Sea and sun must visit this resort. This is located at Mahabalipuram.
It costs RS 2695/-Per Person

  •          The Windflower Resort:
The Windflower resort is situated at Pondicherry is well known for Sunset. This resort is situated between the backwaters, and Indian Ocean is the specialty of the Resort.
It costs RS 2992/-per person.

  •    Le Pondy:
This resort presents a serious amalgamation of resort because the resort is situated between Chunnambar River and Bay Of Bengal Sea. This atheistic view of resort mesmerizes you and makes your being  a real enjoyment there. It is situated at Pondicherry
It costs Rs 3420/- per person.

  •  Hotel Atithi:
The specialty of this resort is that it has top roof swimming pool, which endeavors you with a wholesome view of sea. This is situated at Pondicherry.

  • The Dune:
The Dune is a combination of both traditional and modern architectures and sculptures which make the visitors get attracted towards it. It has a Eco  friendly resort this fusion of modern and traditional architecture gives the visitors a curiosity and full fledged enjoyment to them. It is situated at Pondicherry.
It costs Rs 2695/- per person.
  •   Asokam beach resort:
The specialty of this resort is its silence, people who really love silence can enjoy in this resort. This resort will not disappoint you it will surely present you with a breath taking views of it. It is located at Kannur. It costs Rs 738/- per person

  • The Turtle Bay Resort:
The Turtle Bay resort present you with a shade of Coconut trees, and lots more crazy adventures like Trekking, Scuba diving, Boat rides and lots more like this. This is situated at Mangalore
It costs Rs 2955/-per person

  • Ocean Hues:
Ocean Hues fills you with mind blowing romantic location and arrangements. When you imprint your foot on sand you will a strong imprint of goodness in your heart. People who are in Romance this resort is a heavenly gift to them to better impress their partner. It is located at Kannur
It costs Rs 2462/- per person

It gives a aesthetic views of sea, it’s a best place to watch sunrise and sunset in Indian ocean, it’s an Eco friendly resort. These resorts will fulfill all needs of the customer. It is situated at Kanyakumari.
It costs Rs 2137 /- per person.

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