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Tips to grow your Hair Straight Naturally

Few tips to grow your hair straight naturally:

  • Do not apply any chemical conditioners or hair sprays that will damage your hair effectively, go naturally use ayurvedic or coconut oils to maintain your hair. Please don’t try smoothing or straightening your hair this will drastically reduce your Hair serum production so that your hair wellness will be drastically reduced and get damaged too.

  • If you really want to get your straightened your hair use pure coconut oil, to do that apply coconut oil in your hair and allow  it to stay for few hours then have a nice wash you will find the difference if you continue to do it for prolonged period of time. You can even apply it and stay for overnight for best results.

  • Hair fall is not a big issue at the age of 18; it usually happens but be careful that your scalp is not growing “bald”. Everyday 60 to 100 hair root will fall and grow so there is nothing to worry about it. For further queries please log on to the link

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