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Tips to improve your Health

Some Health Tips to maintain your heart totally set Right:
Fast moving world with endangered food habits, fast food culture is being dominated in many of us, it actually tastes good to tongue but toxic to our health. We are here to help you out and your children to come out it easily and make the best use of healthy food naturally.

Modify your Shopping trend:
  • Eat before you go for Grocery shopping
  • Make a grocery item list before you start
  • Try to avoid high content food in your list
  • Eat and Try cooking different vegetables
  • Try to avoid high cholesterol content food
Watch Your Eating style:
  • Eat fewer amounts of rice and increase having vegetables in your food
  • Don’t have chocolate and sweet in ample amount
  • Instead try avoiding stocking chocolates so that you would stay in control
  • Don’t prefer buffets
  • Don’t take second serves
  • Take smaller amount in plate
  • Avoid all desserts
  • Change your Food preparation Method:
  • Use olive oil in your food, else use low cholesterol content oils and don’t add too much of oil or deep fry your food
  • Don’t use mayo, sauces, Ghee, Butter to flavor your food
  • Use low fat content food
  • Try your maximum to cook your food through steam, or bake but don’t opt for frying
  • Use herbs and spices to season your food
  • Don’t use any sort of preservatives or frozen food to cook
Bring a Scheduled Eating Habit:

  • Have your food at right time
  • Eat before you get too hungry
  • Stop eating when you feel your tummy is full
  • Start cultivating the habit of sitting on floor to have your food because it helps in all way digestion of food
  • Guide your family to eat slowly, enjoy your every bite of meal
  • Ensure that all members in your family are having break fast
  • Add more cereal content food and fibrous content food
  • Eat more of fruits and vegetables
  • Avoid eating chocolates and beverages
Concentrate more on whole grain and Multi-grain food. Please stay connected with our site to know more information.

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