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Top 10 usual day outfits that are banned in Saudi Arabia

Some Bizarre stuffs being followed in Saudi Arabia; the whole world is running towards betterment in life, Technology is running high. We have no time to visit or just even post a wish to our close circle. But still the saddest part is that there are few countries like Saudi Arabia which still follows some hilarious rules in the name Quran which are actually not mentioned in it (Most of the rules). These are created by the people themselves, but the worst part in it is found to be people still believe it. This article is just to create awareness to the people who are still swimming around the world of fake thoughts. Come on people it’s been globalized everywhere, not only commercially but socially too. Open your knowledge eye towards the world please do keep in mind that all religions and all the holy books are gifted to us for the total betterment of life, and it mainly teaches people about the moral values that has to be followed in each and everyone’s life , it helps us teaching which is right and which is wrong, it helps improving our thoughts a step higher, It teaches how to overcome the past, live the present and dream our future. But please don’t follow any man created rules who are taking a real advantage of our holy books.

Banning Valentine’s Day:
Strange to hear right, yes Saudi Arabia banned celebrating Valentine’s Day. Celebrating Valentines is not meant only for youth who are undergoing their love, but it is worldwide celebrated by all married and unmarried couple to express their love towards their spouse. But such a celebration is banned in that country, on the day of  FEBRUARY 14 no red roses are allowed to be sold at market, none of the heart symbolizing materials are allowed to be sold, none of the PEOPLE ARE ALLOWED TO WEAR RED COLOR DRESSES. Above all there is a questionnaire arising in my mind, If ISLAM symbolizes peace, how can peace be achieved without LOVE…

Banning Equal sex interaction:
Saudi bans equal sex interaction that is both men and women are not allowed visiting a mall together. Islamic boys specially are not allowed in single to visit the mall. Boys from other part of the world are admitted easily without any conflicts. Here is a example to easily define you, the situation there suppose you are in a mall, Pizza hut you will find a separate queue for both men and women though you belong to the same family.  We generally hang out to relive our stress, to make memorable moments with our family and friends, but this rule will not support any of the above. How can Peace be achieved without giving due respect to each other???????

Banning of Entertainments:
Movies are not allowed in Saudi, generally movie parks are encouraged only within private company compounds, so that shows men who are work can watch and entertain themselves but what about the women at home. The country generally bans movie parks because they think that theaters are unsupervised and people may choose a wrong path if they are left like that. When motherland does not trust her own citizens or her own children, then how can peace be achieved???

Banning Bacon:
As per Islamic law eating pork is haram, and all non-veg items entering the country must be Halal as well. We have even few other countries which have formulated law like this but it never banned other NON-RELIGIOUS people to follow the same. If  ISLAM is supporting strong religious conversions then how Peace can be achieved through ISLAM???

Banning Music:
Saudi bans Music in its country seriously hilarious and on other part very sad to hear too. Music being a medicine to heal many stress in around us, but this country is seriously not encouraging a heavenly prospectus. On other part of world we have a world famous music director who is achieving great heights in the world of music, though he is not from a total ISLAMIC background but he still been following the ISLAM. Music is other form of peace which really does not indulge any religious discrimination, but if that is not encouraged how can Peace be achieved through ISLAM???

Banning of Sports:
Saudi banned Sports and Gym for girls this shows that they are not ready to train girls for sports or any other co-curricular activities. If a country is not supporting the betterment of women lives, how can ISLAM achieve peace without being social???

Banning of NON-RELIGIOUS Worship:
Saudi bans NON-RELIGIOUS worship, the country consists of two great mosques and only those two mosques on the whole. It will not encourage any other NON-RELIGIOUS Worship, if the country finds any ISLAMIC people getting converted to other religion they will END UP ONLY IN DEATH. If ISLAM is so strict about it then they must encourage other people even who are getting converted to ISLAM. Not only this even tattoos, or signs, or any other symbols that representing NON-RELIGIOUS stuffs are not allowed, NO OTHER HOLY BOOKS OTHER THAN QUARAN IS ALLOWED INSIDE THE COUNTRY. If  the country is forcing to follow its RELIGION then how ISLAM can achieve Peace without giving the right for discussion about other Religion???

Banning of Women’s from Working:
Saudi prohibits women from work, only now recently a few places are allowing women on work with all restriction that they must wear a face mask all day long. A notable business truth is that you will find all men staffed employees in lingerie stores. How could ISLAM achieve peace without giving equality to women???

Banning of Women from Driving:
Saudi restricts women from driving many girls from that country are shocked to see that the database is not ready accepting their name because the full database was framed only for MEN. How the ISLAM achieve peace without giving exposure to women???

Banning for Women travel:
Saudi will not allow girls below 45 years to roam around all alone they must possess a electronic signature signed by the male candidate of the family particularly either signed by her father or husband. How ISLAM is going to achieve Peace without giving equal rights to their citizen???

So on the whole when you read this article any one can understand that all these rules are formulated to suppress the growth of Women in all fields they think that Women are still weaker sex to handle with, So please people create your awareness that all these laws were formulated by man and no god is going to force you to follow the same religion, any common people can find some blunder scientificmistakes in Quran to know more about please click on the link. This shows all these rules were formulated to attract people to follow their religion any of the stuffs which is getting deviated from its originality or which is being fascinated will always not last for long time.

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