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Top 5 Books Must Read Before You Die

Top 5 Books must read before you die:
Moby Dick:
The novel reveals what the real America is, book was written by Herman Melville who had been a successful writer. His works are considered to be most important during 19th century. Though he was forgotten after his death, his works were considered to be a masterpiece only after he expired. He always adopts a biblical style of writing. This book mainly reveals about the man position in nature, his livelihood and what real America is.

19 Dead Souls:
This novel was written by a Russian writer named Nikolai Gogol, it’s the only novel written by him. He is not much famous apart from Russia. The book reveals about a normal man of Russia who buys Dead Souls, but who are still registered in census as if they are alive. He does it because he will create a illusion that so many workers are working under him and he will get government loans accordingly.

Bleak House:
It is one of the beast novels by Charles Dickinson  This novel reveals about the Intimate love in London. And nothing to wonder always Dickinson show a strong essences in their character and yeah even this novel have a few strong characters like that.

Moll Fllander:
This novel is written by Robinson Crusoe, all this novel is about a convicts daughter, who wanted to live very luxuriously. She accidentally gets married several times and finally turned to a prostitute, then a thief and finally finding her lives in a prison. Though it’s a big tragedy story Robinson showed various effects of 18th century in his novel.

Pride and Prejudice:
It is one the best and funniest novel of Jane Austen, this is totally about love and how people are being fooled when they are in love blindly. Anywhere if you had screened this movie I request you to move to the source of it and read this book.

Pen is always Mightier than sword, Books are not just a source for information, Books are not just a entertainer, Books are not just fictitious, Books are not just a time pass, Rather books are the place we get to know who we are, what was our past, what was our livelihood it’s a combination of various social cultures, it’s a rising root for many new cultures too. So please read all these books a continuation of it will soon be displayed in our link. To know Best hangout places please click on the link.

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