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Top 5 Corrupting countries

Today most of the countries are being surrounded by corruption, as demand for need increases corruption also increases. Corruption is a slow killer for many countries, destroying all country resources like a slow-poison. Looting and corruption is being voracious in all fields. Education is the area where looting is done predominantly. This article is to ensure awareness to the people and be wise enough and raise your voice against corruption and looting. The following are the top 5 countries in Corruption

It is the top most corrupted country in the world, this country is known for its corruption where even police officers are well noted for it. This country started its corruption with oil resource; corruption was started during the year of 1970s. Then at 1999 the election made nothing to slow down the corruption. This country ranks 172 out of 182 and corrupted around 1.9 corers out of 10.

This country is the top second corrupted country it ranks 175 out of 182 countries. This is known for its corruption in bureaucracy. During the year of 2011 2 billion dollars has been funded for it, which worked only a partially amount on earthquake relief. This country earned 1.8 corers out of   10.

Iraq is the top third corrupting country, but the country is drowning towards after the death of sadam hussain. Though Iraq literature and media is striving towards Anti-Corruption its not that successful. And other thing to be noted is that a writer is been killed for supporting this Anti- Corruption movement. This country has corrupted 1.8 corers  out of 10.

Sudan is the fourth largest corrupting, country it ranks 177 out of 182. It has corrupted 1.6 corers out of 10. None of the official has been prosecuted for this act.

It’s the fifth largest corrupting country , though it got independence during the year 1991, It dint enjoy any of its resources and its considered to be the most worst  country with word press freedom . It ranks 177 out of 182 countries and corrupted 1.6 corers.
  Readers please be aware that India is no far longer to join up this list. 

Readers please be aware that India is no far longer to join up this list. Though we citizens of India strive for country’s stepping stone to move ahead, we will not achieve it until at least a part of corruption is eradicated.

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