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Beat Android Apps for Kids

Best Android Apps for Kids
Android is getting famous in all ways, and few best android apps for kids is being listed here

Toca Kitchen
Toca kitchen, this game is all about creating new food items for three cartoon characters which your kid will do with no hesitation for it. Using this app even your kid starts trying new food in real life too.

CBeebies Playtime
Cbeebies play time is other on going online game, where you can record the conversations and make your kid listens to it.

Mr Shingu’s Paper Zoo
This is one of the best android app for kid, in which kids can create their own world of zoo and animals and can create even their origami of animals.

Skylanders Cloud Patrol
Skylanders is also other best android game for kids where all mischievous things happens and your kids can unlock all new friends in the game.

Lego Duplo Train
This app even makes the kid go crazy by driving trains, refueling  waiting for signals and this game is totally aimed for pre-preschoolers with advertisement in it.

FableScapes 2
This app is an animated puppet show for kids where they can design their puppets and character in it and they can play with it.

Wombi Math
As the name implies this app is for the kids , to develop their math brain such as addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. This app will develop your kid skill rigorously.

On Beyond Zebra!
This app is all about finding letters beyond z and making animal travel with it, this app develops the imaginary skills of the kids

Fraggle Rock Game Day
This app is all about narrating a story, and rescuing all friends, this app develops the listening skills of kids. Kids will enjoy unlocking more new characters and situations in it

Shrek Alarm
Shrek alarm is other alarm game where timing basis gaming is done and your kids can this app in real time because, they can even tickle, and make fun of characters appearing in it

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  1. Yes, there are a lot of apps like that. Most of them oriented to the children, no?


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