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Different types of Operating System

Operating systems are those which is there right from the first generation, and it’s being improved from one period to other.

Batch operating system
Batch operating system works on offline like punch cards, it patches up all the similar kind of data’s and processes it at the same time. Rest of the jobs are done one by one accordingly.
Some of the problems with Batch Systems are following.
Interaction between user and jobs are less
Cpu remains idle always because the user interaction between the jobs and user are less
Priority provided is less and difficult

Time-sharing operating systems
Time sharing operating system, shares the time between multi users, this shares many users response in the multiplexing system. The main motive of using this time sharing operating system is that multiplexing, sharing different users time and completing the job.
Advantages of Timesharing operating systems are following
Provides quick response.
Duplication of software is avoided
CPU idle time is reduced
Disadvantages of Timesharing operating systems are following.
Reliability problem
Data communication problem.

Distributed operating System
Then came the distributed operating system, it shares many different hosts to share the working space between different clients and host. It reduces the time of operation considerably and speeds up the operation too. Example of this type of system is telephone line.
The advantages of distributed systems are following.
Multiple sharing of resources
Data exchange is done in very fast manner
No interruption occurs even one site fails to work
Load reduction in computer

Network operating System
Network operating system gives separate host for operation that is a separate centralized network for working to the users. The network is known as LAN network. Few examples of these networks are Windows 2003, windows 7, windows 8, mac os etc…
The advantages of network operating systems are following.
 servers are highly stable.
Security is server managed.
Upgrades to new technologies
Remote access to servers
The disadvantages of network operating systems are following.
High cost

Regular maintenance

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