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Facts about Butterflies

Right from children to adults love butterflies but how many know the facts of butterflies, here are few interesting facts of it

Wings of Butterfly are transparent.
Astonishing and new fact to hear, that wings of butterfly are very much transparent, they are made up of thin chintin layers and are covered of many thin layers of wings these wings shine in different colors when they are exposed to sunlight, as the butterfly ages off these wings fall off and transparent side are exposed.

 Butterflies use their feet to taste.
Butterfly uses its taste receptor to, taste the chemicals in plants female butterflies does it because using this taste receptor, it checks the flowers which adopts the same chemicals in it, if it is verified so, it will lay eggs in the flower

Butterflies habitat on an all-liquid diet.
Butterflies usually have only nectar from the flowers, it has a straw like structure underneath the chin, and through which it sucks the nectar from the flowers
A butterfly must assemble its proboscis as soon as it emerges from the chrysalis.
One of the important work of adult butterflies is that, it must drink the nectar as soon as it reaches the adult form and its first and foremost work of it is that.

Butterflies drink from mud puddles.
Butterflies drink from mud puddles too, because it takes minerals from mud puddles and they transfer it to the female when matting and its being used to nourish the eggs laid.

Butterflies can't fly if they're cold.
Butterfly will not fly if the temperature fall below 55F, it needs an idle temperature of 85 F, if it is overheated too it won’t fly, that is if temperature goes beyond 100 F.
A newly emerged butterfly can't fly.
A newly born butterfly will not fly, it takes time to fly it stretches its body and need some few hours to fly.

Butterflies live just 2-4 weeks, usually.
Butterflies lives only for 2-4 weeks and more than that, maximum of 9 months it lives.

Butterflies can see and discriminate a lot of colors.
In the height of 10- 12 feet butterfly can identify all good colors, it gets attracted to all ultra violet colours such that those pollinate immediately.
Butterflies employ all kinds of tricks to keep from being eaten.

Butterflies save themselves from being eaten, that is it folds its wings or it adopts bright colors, generally bright colors are appreciated by predators to eat. Since bright colors are more toxic in nature.

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  1. I like butterflies. I think that those are one of the most interesting creatures, in some sense. You know, there are two stages of their life - nymph and a butterfly as it is.


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