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10 best ways to keep your body health and fit

Try to stretch your body at morning after you wake it helps in digestion and smooth blood circulation

Skipping breakfast is not advisable those who tend to lose weight must not skip their breakfast studies show that people put on weight if they skip their breakfast. A complete healthy breakfast includes fresh juices and whole grain items in it and cereals too

Brushing is other important part of health, brush your teeth regularly, hold your brush in such a way you holding your pencil and brush for at least two minutes. Brush the top layer of mouth clean and in between the gums too. Use a soft bristle brush to clean your teeth, brush twice a day
Aerobics for body and Neurobics for mind is important, that activate your mind in all means, by giving new tasks to it, brush your teeth in other hand which you usually don’t all the time, and try choosing your dress through touch and not through sight. This increases the enzyme to flow in new path

Do have some spiritual health tip, in America a recent study tell you that patients got recovered who are in prayer when compared to others

All smelly items reduces your, bad cholesterol and protects you from infection, so start eating all smelly items like onion, garlic,… eat ie raw format along with juice or soups.

A glass of red wine will protect you from all passive diseases, red wine consists of some anti oxidants which protects you from doing that

Make your bone even stronger every day, by having calcium tablets, calcium rich foods like milk, yogurt, this helps in developing the calcium content in your body

All berries helps in reducing the belly for woman, berries contains certain antioxidants, which helps in reducing their bad cholesterol and extra fat in body.

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