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Addictive On Oreo Cookies

Oreos are the famous cookies used in United States of America and not because of that Oreos are all time favorite for children, they eat and enjoy Cookies like that but those Oreos were marketed with the skill, which highly bothers our health, these Oreos are cookies with high sugar content and high fat content, these foods equalize drug addiction caused by morphine or cocaine, so these are said to be avoided given to children and adult consumption of cookies also cause obesity in body.

Yale university recently conducted a research were, people made rats to eat Oreo and tested, they made Rats eat the Oreo by tying the cookies in one end and on other end they tied all rice cookies but the research end says the rats made preference in the Oreo side than the other end, that is they made rat spend time on eating it, they left free and they found Rats running towards the Oreo side and spent more time on it, where as the other end rice cake was not much preferred

Then they planned a new idea that is they made rats injected with morphine and cocaine and they tried the same that proved Rat gave more preferences in the drug side than the other side so that derives to the conclusion that High sugar and High Fat content foods are toxic to health and gives a sort of obesity and addiction to health

Generally human brain consists of certain substance which tells us or gives information on which cells are active enough but constant consumption of these foods drowns that activity and us addictive and people start getting attracted to those kind of foods, it’s better that we control our wards from eating one such food

It’s quite natural any (foreign) substances that enters our body our body tries level best to move it out so people be aware any products from (foreign) cannot be accepted always , Oreo may be the best selling cookie in States but please don’t make our future generations a Victim to it.

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