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Amazing Fact On Bananas

Bananas the world’s largest producer are India, it produces around 300 million tonnes of Bananas Uganda is the largest consumption of banana country we get the costliest banana at Australia

Bananas are super radioactive materials this is because they contain more of potassium in it

We cannot squeeze banana and take juice out of it easily because its composition is like that, the molecular structure will not allow banana to take juice of it though the fruit is made up of 90% water

Banana inner part, that peel can be used as medicine to heal wounds, if you find any wounds then you can use that peel it will reduce the pain, that peel can also be used for mosquito bites which prevents from itching sensations.

Banana can produce upto 400 fruits in a single bunch, banana is not a tree actually it’s a herbal plant which gives one bunch and die of luckily it leaves its young sapling before it dies

Scientific research shows eating bananas drastically reduces the stroke, heart attack and cancers, people who are allergic to latex are also allergic to bananas

Rubbing banana peel in your fore head will help reducing the head ache, and then it is also used as a good conditioner for dry hairs

By rubbing banana peel in teeth it will whiten the teeth this is because the presence of potassium and magnesium in it

Bananas are hybrid variety of man made food with no seeds; plants can be grown only by using bulbs

Bananas are becoming extinct now a days so please conserve this medicinal plant…

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