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Amazing Facts Of Vegetables

We eat vegetables everyday but we dint know that the vegetables we use everyday has got so much amazing facts hiding over it, and people hate eating few vegetables and I am sure that if we all come to know about these amazing facts no one will avoid it.

Onion which we use every day for cooking and eating purposes consists of so many good facts such as, eating onion in raw manner cures earache, stomach-ache, asthma, cold, sore throat and many other diseases like this.

Red cabbage consists of more immunity power and it has to be cooked longer than green cabbage

Pumpkins are those which can be used to cure snake bites, pumpkins are cultivated everywhere except Antarctica. Pumpkin seeds and flowers are totally edible; pumpkin consists of 90% of water. Pumpkin comes under fruit variety.

Garlic are those which consist of 400 components in it, garlic can be used for removing bad cholesterol from body and it also greatly prevents from stroke and heart attack.

Carrots are cultivated from 5000 years ago carrots are of different colors red, orange, purple and even white in color the leaves of carrot are so aromatic and can be used in cooking, carrot consists of large amount of vitamin A in it

Capsicums are used in lowering blood sugars, they are available in different colors red, yellow and green they are Native American vegetables

Mushrooms can be used in cooking, they are sort of fungus but they will turn poisonous if they are not selected properly, this is fourth famous vegetable used in newzeland.

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