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Amazing Facts On Food We Eat

Mc Donald’s employs around more than 1.5 billion people for work

We humans cultivate around 2000 different types of plant for cooking purposes

Sweet potato comes under neither Root vegetable Variety which is much different from normal Potatoes

Onions produce a gas which gives an irritating sensation in your eyes and that’s why eyes produce tears to dilute it

Pumpkins are not vegetable varieties they actually consists of seeds and come under fruit variety

China produces around 75% of garlic in world market; India produces worlds 22% of bananas

Humans do eat plants, meat and other fermented food like fungus, mushroom and other plants too

Cooking is a part of food, where it is processed in right heat, and right temperature and right ambiance to match up with.

Around 70 million people in world are suffering from food poisoning diseases; this is because of fatal causes like food poisoning no proper cooking

Around 8% children and 2% of adults are suffering from food allergy because; they show allergic to peanuts and shell fish

So on the whole food is the right medicine if we consume it in the right way else food is the only fatal process if you are not right in cooking or storing the food properly

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