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Charm Christmas Tree Facts

Month of December, people awaiting the most auspicious day of Christmas, we celebrate Christmas on the day of Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ son of marry and Joseph gave birth to the heavenly child Jesus the messenger of god and Founder of Christianity…generally Christmas is been celebrated universally on the same day people share cakes and set trees of high model people gift each other and the Santa Clara gift kids with surprise gifts…People conduct carol on one another home before a month and people enjoy the day by attending mass or special prayer on church all these are normal fact done but here we are above to exclaim all new special facts for you people.
Before the criteria for including Christmas trees these trees were used as a symbol of evergreen trees

These trees were used as a tree of paradise was used o old mystery plays to symbolise the Garden of Eden

Real Christmas tree was announced only as 8th tree with a real perfume on it
Ornaments symbolising Christmas trees were manufactured and sold by woods worth in 1880

An average Christmas trees contains 30,000 bugs and insects on it

Only at 16th century Martin Luther created an idea of lighting the Christmas trees the monk added candles in tree to look like stars

England first Christmas tree was bought to winsdor, by charlotte wife of Georg e 3 in 1800

The first use of Christmas tree was used in 1835

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