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Charm Dreams A Fact On It

Facts on charm dream generally we people dream allot, dreams are those which comes in our deep sleep and many never knew the facts behind it…
Within 5 minutes of wake up you will tend to forget the dream
People who are blind also dream, that is who lost their sight after birth will dream and those who are totally blind also dream that is they can feel through emotions, smell, touch etc…

All human beings dream if you think you don’t dream then it’s like you forgot the dream  

Our Mind never invent faces our dreams are like we use to watch the faces which we have already saw in our dreams so we have endless character in our mind

Always dream occurs in black and white colour but this began to change in 1960 after that they found people dreaming in coloured vision

Dreams always render only negative emotions

Dreams are always symbolic they render a symbolic emotions on it

You can have four to seven dreams in single night

Animals also dream allot in night but most of us don’t this fact after reading it
On the whole dreaming is aint a bad happening it’s just an recalling of data in our deep sleep which are been stored in our subconscious mind then later on its been recalled on our deep sleep…some take medications towards this which abruptly not needed on this
We have few fact on ESP power that is some got capacity to predict the happening of future in all ways they will be aware on the things above to happen few consider hilarious but its true, every normal human being has got the power of sensation one or other happenings would have proved you and few have extra effect towards it that’s called as extra sensory power…


  1. Dreams can be fascinating, exciting, terrifying or just plain weird.

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