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Charm Interesting Christmas Facts

Christmas has some total interesting and fun filled facts on it wanna eager to know it come lets go a ride on it…

Christmas is the form of annual holidays celebrated by Christians on december25th as Jesus Christ birthday

Christmas tree is also known as Yule Tree

Christmas are always evergreen trees either it is fir tree, pine tree or spruce tree

It’s been notified that Christmas trees are decorated and bought to home this culture evolved during 16th century

Usually the Christmas season starts with Santa Arrival that on the last day of thanks giving Parade…

The word X_MAS is actually arrived from the Greek language to shorten it we use X_MAS at times

In 1836, Alabama is the first state in US to declare Christmas as holiday at 1836…

Oklahoma was the last city to legalise leave for Christmas in 1907

US declared Christmas as federal holiday in the year 1970

Former Christmas trees was decorated with food items like apples nuts and dates

During 18th century Christmas tree was decorated with candles

Electric tree lights was used in later 18th century

Gifting each other was once banned in Catholic Church since it was considered as paganism

12 day Christmas concept is it took 3 kings to 12 days to find Jesus baby

Many decades ago Christmas included pig head with mustard

Tinsel was once made of real silver! It was invented in Germany in 1610.
There are two islands named Christmas.  Christmas Island (formerly Kiritimati) in the Pacific Ocean and Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean.
The tallest Christmas tree was displayed at Washington its height is 221 meters
Santa is believed to bring gifts to good girls and boys on the night before Christmas (December 24th).
Santa Claus 8 eight reindeer are named: Comet, Cupid, Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Donder Blitzen.

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