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Charm Kitty Interesting Facts On It

In 1974, kitty had no name then the first kitty was named with the red bow on its left ear then with its cute design it has been turned over Hello Kitty

In 1975, these charm Kittys were declared a name as Hello Kitty the first item introduced was wallet which was very tiny and cute then they introduced a Hello Kitty family

In 1976, these charmKitty was taken by the factory at Sanrio and they created a new posture to it instead of sitting posture they introduced a standing posture

In 1980, charm Kitty watches were introduced and released and they created charm Kitty sport too

In 1981, first Hello Kitty movie was introduced as Kitty and mimi umbrella they also introduced kitty cameras and watches which worked good that year

In 1988, Hello Kitty films were introduced in theatre and got good recoganaisation among the people

In 1989, hello Kitty comedy series were introduced along with its family and its friends

In 1993, they changed the appearance of Kitty in which the bow on her left ear were changed to a flower a new appearance to kitty

In 1997, Kitty traditional dresses were introduced and mermaid Kitty is even popular one

In 1978, Kitty theme park were introduced and it found a good collection even

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