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Charm Love Links

Falling in love with people is a physcological action do anyone know about it love can even change people easily average rate a particular human falls in love 7 times before he gets married, charm love links between humans is that it creates an sort of intimacy in people ,here are few facts which implies that we are in love.

There many examples of Monogamous relationships they are wolves, penguin, swans etc…

Falling in love is always primitive and bio-logical

Cuddling always triggers the same neurological reaction as taking pain killers

When consume high content of cocaine you will find yourself addicted to it falling in love also gives you such an addiction towards a person

Only a time period of four minutes is more than enough to decide whether you need that particular person or not

You generally decide the person based on their body language 55% of body language, 38% on tone of saying and only 7% on what they saying

Consciously keeping the relationship new makes it higher

When two people who are in love with each other as they meet their heart beat increases.

Constant looking at someone you love the most your pupil gets dilated easily

When a opposite sex is made to sit in a room for about 90 mins and they stared, speaking about stuffs and when they stared at each other they got chances of falling in love with each other out of that two couples married after 6 months, so starring each other may create love on people

Expressing gratitude to the person you the most create an immediate spike in your happiness

When look at a new love you are urge to make new sociological decisions
People with high self esteem are found to have more successful and longer relationships
Statistically men are faster to propose than women

You are most likely to fall in love with persons who you meet in dangerous conditions
Men who kiss their wife very morning are found to live for 5 more years than the average men

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