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Charm Religions A History Of God

People always have a crisis on certain fact where Christians, JEWs, and Muslims have same origin , but the there are traces of history which says that they have the same origin and these religions are collectively called as “ Abraham Religion” where olden ethic says prophet met two JEWS AND CHRIRSTIAN people and they slowly started adopting the ISLAMIC religion, there are few similarities and differences in them…

Muslims and Christians believe there is only one God / Allah. The basic testimony of Islam is called the 'shahada', the first clause of which states that "la ilaha illa Allah" -- "There is no god but God."  where Christians also affirm with this quote

Say not "trinity", Desist. It will be better for you. For God is One God (4:171).

They do blaspheme who say: God is one of three in a Trinity, for there is no God except One God (5:76).

But everyone who knows Christian theology well knows that the doctrine of Trinity was articulated precisely to oppose the idea of believing in three gods!  Apparently the understanding of the Trinity was very inadequate among the Christians with whom the earliest Muslims interacted.  Early Muslims, therefore, came to understand the Christian doctrine of the Trinity in very distorted,
inadequate terms.  It seems that some even believed that Christians worshipped Mary as part of the Trinity!  This misunderstanding of the Trinity found expression in the Qur'an itself:

And behold, God will say; "O Jesus the Son of Mary! Didst thou say unto men, "Worship me and my mother as gods in derogation of God?" (5:119).

It seems that in the era of the Qur'an it was assumed by many people that the Trinity was the Father, the son Jesus, and Jesus's mother Mariam (Mary)!   So the Trinity was misunderstood.

Whatever it may be , origin is same or not each religion has its own speciality to explore with, do explore it in right way use the saying in right way preach people good because no religion holy book told to destroy or discriminate people around you…Use religions for enrichment of life and not for ruining lives….

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