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Charm Watches Intresting Facts

Charm watches are those which helps in giving an unique identification to persons you can even gift watches to your beloved one charm watches gives you more idea on it there are wide variety of watches for both men and women to wear up on it, this new era also introduces smart watches thou it’s not in market it will soon reach to people…

The following are few facts were and how charm watches are evolved and being used by people.

The very first era of Watches were Sundials thro which people calculated time using sundials then came water clocks which are more accurate than sundials

1500 AD Italian monks created clocks for the sake prayer o that they could pary on time

Then at 16th century people started wearing pocket watches around their neck because the dials were so big

Omega speed master watches were worn by all astronauts when they visited moon …

James bond wears omega charm watches in all his films and these charm watches produces an unique identification to people

Usually watch showrooms telecast time as half past to ten or ten minutes to 12 because those are considered to be as happy timings so emotionally they trap customers in the same way

These charm watches has reached heights in Modern era there are upcoming smart watches even which is going to find an unique place in all its area.

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