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Charming Facts Of Italy

Italy is the most beautiful country where people love to hang out with Italy is situated in southern Europe it’s called the Italian Republic

Italy the most beautiful country, Italy is been named as Bel Paese the original name of Italy is Italica Republica it resembles like a high heeled boot shape 

The origin of cheese is from Charm Italy

Italy has more volcanoes which got erupted even last year when compared to other volcanoes

Dante Alighieri (1265-1321), Francesco Petrarch (1304-1374), Giovanni Boccaccio (1313-1375) are the all time famous Italian authors. They are known as the Three Fountains.

Italians got introduced to sports in late 1800,s only

The human chess is famous in Italy which they conduct to catch the hand of the most beautiful girl at maracotia

Italians were the first to find ice-cream cones, pizzas, cheese too…

They also created charm Italian type writer and thermometer

Generally Italians do not apologise if they feel they don’t have any fault on their part

Drawing with crayons are punishable in that country

When you attend a wedding if you get one invitation then you can officially meet them and return only if you get two or more than two then you are invited for drinks too

Mussolini renamed Mickey Mouse as Topolino, Donald duck as Paperino, Goofy as Pippo. This was done to eliminate foreign words from Italian

Italy has two independent cities one is Vatican City 108.7  acres and has its own stamp TV and radio stations and money 
Other is San Marino the oldest city which consists of only 30,000 people there


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