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Few Health Tips On Foods

A small lemon piece on drinking water will avoid cancer it sounds so simple but the facts is if you use lemon by scrapping lemon and adding it to water and consuming it everyday will avoid cancer

Gifting Viniger in medona weddings is the tradition followed till date this tradition is been started following since 1500's

To avoid dry coughs mix ginger juice turmeric and honey and having this mixture will avoid dry coughs immediately

By consuming small onions with pepper will totally avoid cold and coughs so this can be followed with people of any age group to avoid it

Usage of curry leaves paste for hair nourishes the growth in head and increases the shinning material in hair

Usage of coriander leaves in all cooking because it gives a exotic aroma and flavor to the food and apart from it it gives good digestion in body 

Feenu geek is the grain which gives the cooling substances which reduces the body heat

Cashew nut is the highest fat content nut, badam is the lowest of fat content and hence badam is recommended for cooking purposes than cashews 

Herbally made hibiscus powdered nourishes the hair growth

Lemon is the multi vitamin fruit which can be consumed everyday

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