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Just Living Together -An Co habitation Of People

When we think about the word relationship we obviously think about our mother, father, brother, sister, all relatives above all our spouse, our partner is the one him\her whoever it is dedicate herself to enlighten their life with all sacrifices small adjustments helping each other in all their good and bad times and living a complete life for each other.

So now by this time you would have suspected what the article is about , yeah your guess is right it’s all about our Indian Constitution Which passed a legal judgement that “LIVING TOGATHER” is legally right and has no offense on it.

Charm relationship, this word has got a few respect towards it into a relationship the phrase itself means you are into some commitment towards it, Though this living together policy is legalised in western countries it was not India, because we got our amends and act of law in all religions legalising marriages, According the act of “ Hindu religious Marriage” the couple’s children has right  of getting share with the property owned by their parents and grandparents legally

This marriage ceremony is being followed still Sacramental in all religions in India, though this western trace has intruded now slightly it’s not accepted by all , as we think over its been practiced only by few people who are rich in money and people exposed to media, advertising, and few other freaky fields…people say this living together policy at long run will create intimacy between people and it will automatically lead to marital status, but I believe it is no way going to work out , We are still humans where we always find one is better than other…more saddest part of it is western countries which followed this policy are now inspired by Indian culture and stared adopting it but we Indians dint wanna do that…

This living together policy can be worked upon in some extents like if the girl\boy background is really poor and if she\he thinks upon to have a very luxurious life with their mate without the legal agreement then they could follow, but now also what law prefers is if at all they give birth to the next generation without committing into legal relationships then too you are under the criteria of sharing all your property under 50% rate with the child for the support of his\her living.

We find many improvements in technology and betterment of life that to life in better luxurious way, and not ruining the life without ethical activities, India as such is a secular country with many religions following on it, with many ethical disciplines our ancessesstors  never want us to live such an un ethical life and THAT’S WHY WE PREFER AND GIVE WEIGHTAGE TO MARRIAGE CEREMONYS… inspired we people are always inspired on certain unethical , and valueless activities HOPING THIS SHOULD NOT LEAD TO MUCH WORESER CONDITIONS IN SOCIETY… INTO A RELATIONSHIP is a commitment, a beautiful commitment accept it, live it…rather don’t find alternate way to get rid of it, WAT WE SOW WE REEP IT ONE DAY< SOW GOOD AND REEP GOOD…

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