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Reason Behind Facts Followed

From early times Hindus keep bhindhi on fore head because the scientific reason for it is , there must be some sort of mild pressure applied on forehead on that particular point to enhance our body activities

Hindus wear Bangles this because when the child is inside womb of mothers it stars hearing by 7 months and the capacity of the child is gifted to all child at womb in order to make it happy inside Hindus wear bangles and so that child hears to the bangle noise and enjoys it

Hindus wear toe ring after marriage that is because that indicates whether the particular women is married or not to other men and the main reason is that the middle finger in leg is being connected to the heart which helps maintaining the constant pressure in blood flow

The rings we wear in our hand is again used for the same purpose to maintain the heart blood pressure

Nose Rings are also used for triggering the left brain in human body and that's why its mandatory for Hindus to pierce the nose but now a days man y are not following then too its been a made a traditional sanctity in many families 

Hindus wear gold ornaments for many children this is because it causes or gives a sort energy to the child when it comes in contact with the body or when it comes in contact with the water so this ritual is adronded by Hindus

Whatever we follow and whatever we do there is reason behind it and hence only it has been followed for generations together by our ancestors so though we could not follow it typically as they did but try explaining it to people so that the ritual will not get extinct between people

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