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Tejo Mahalaya Allias Taj Mahal

We all know that Taj Mahal  is one of the wonder in world, but most of us are still been dogged saying that Taj Mahal was built in the memory of Mumtaz Zumani wife of Shajahan but the fact is Taj Mahal is converted Hindu Temple

Tejomahalaya alias Tajmahal was built in the fashion of Hindu temple but it was not actually built it been converted as memorial

Tejomahalaya  is Hindu temple built for lord Shiva Agareswarar, who is guarded with nagas (snakes)

The middle domb structure and the other four pillars are the standard building pattern for Hindu temples; those four pillars are used for monitoring purpose at morning and for lightning purpose at night

By carbon dating research done at USA , the tejomahalaya was built 300 years before shahjahan age

The pure white marble temple was conqured by mugal invaders and got converted to mumtaz- zumani memorial which is totally unfair.

Another important proofs to be noted is Hindus trust in all 10 directions including the domb which is at height, and other part which is at underground, rest octagonal pillars with 8 corners

The walls of tejomahalaya consists of all Hindu Shiva name and it’s been identified while renovating

Other important fact to be noted is MAHAL word is not been used by any Muslim countries starting from Algeria to Afghanistan

And the name of shajahan wife is not Mumtaz-mahal its mumtaz-zumani, so the memorial is not under her name.

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