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All About Shamshad Begum

Shamshad Begum, yes many of know her as a play back singer in many languages like Hindi, Guajarati, Marathi, and many more such a wonderful singer with no formal training giver to her , with her sweet voice she totally filled our memories and thoughts , on her … here are few unknown facts which may be about her…

Shamshad Begum her birth on April 14, 1919 to April 23, 2013 aged 94 spent most for her life in music her passion and her achievements in her field are remarkable
Shamshad Begum Belong to an ISLAMIC family where they considered MUSIC is HARAAM, Shamshad Begum father was a mechanic

Begum’s talent was first identified at her school days by her school principal , so Begum was made sing as head singer in her class, then her uncle who identified her talent and he is a wide listener of Ghazals too… so he took Begum to an Lahore Music studio for seeking a chance, Begum was given a chance and she widely impressed the director Gulam Haider at Lahore then Begum signed an contract for 5 songs each song she was paid 15 Rs/- then Begum’s uncle convinced Begum’s Dad and made her sing
Later Begum got chance in All India Radio ( AIR) where she sang songs in all there, Later on Begum moved to Mumbai for carrier growth and then got a peak appraisals in all her songs, all were hit songs , Begum reached people heart so easily with her mesmerising voice

Speaking about Begum’s personal life she was born at Lahore next day after JALLIAN WALABHAGH’S MASSACRE, Begum’s Father Miya Hussain Baksh, then she fell in love with a lawyer Ganpat Lal opposing her family she married him and the couple were gifted with beautiful girl baby named usha Ratra she was married to Yogesh Ratra …after Begum’s husband death in accident she stayed with her son –in-law at Mumbai…

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