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Carrots And Uses Of It

Carrots the vegetable with more vitamins and nutrients, it has a rich content of vitamin A and its good for eye and eye related problems, generally all people including adults and children are recommended to have carrots in order to avoid sight problems, children who are affected with sight problems can also have Carrots which will be helpful to them particularly in all means…

Carrots are extraordinary source of Beta carotene they contain high amount of fibre in them

Carrots can enrich your health, skin and eye sight too and added to it for normal growth even

A good recipe of carrot is
STEP 1: take carrots which are preferably rich in colour, wash it, peel the outer skin of the carrot
STEP 2: grate the carrot in a container, or finely chop the carrot
STEP 3: grind the carrot into pieces and take the juice out of it
STEP 4: filter the juice and throw away the flesh, add a little honey and ginger juice to it lemon is optional
STEP 5: finely mix the juice and drink it

The above recipe is really good for health it helps purifying your blood and maintains a static blood pressure in your body

Carrots are the favourite food for rabbits

Purple carrots have purple pigments which contain Anti-Oxidants which protects our body

Since carrots have good source of fibre it supports our body nutrient development in all means

Washington ranks fourth in producing fresh carrots

Baby carrots are not exactly bay they have rolled over from large carrots and been used as baby one’s

Americans eat approximately 10.6lbs of carrots per year

Carrots naturally have high sugar content in it , so it can be used to make all wonderful snack for kids

Kida always love sweet taste so make a healthy start to your kids and pave a healthy life to them always…

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