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Charm Anklets and Facts Behind It

Anklets are mandatory for girls to wear in past centuries but now a days people don't follow it, much whatever we did in our past centuries had a reason behind it, but we never understand it and follow it too, we neither understand nor take steps to know the scientific reason behind it because we always think those practices are useless and old ever to follow it , as far concerned those past centuries practices were more reasonable than what we doing now without meaning now...

we wear anklets in our leg for to reasons those are by wearing anklets our energy is not wasted its been redirected again to our body without any wastage but we never knew it and try wearing it too

Girls wear hip chain , and ottiyanam in Tamil this is because it wont allow hip to get expanding and avoid pot belly's too but now a days no one wears it and the results are shown

After marriage wearing thalli or thiru mangalyam is very important for girls because its only the identification for people but it compresses our blood pressure after marriage girls find more stress in work to control that only we are tend to wear this

our body is generally made up of  upper parts and lower parts where in upper parts we wear gold and in lower part we wear silver ornaments

Women wear toe rings this because it makes the menstrual cycle regularized after marriage and its important scope of getting conceived and it refreshes whole blood stream too

Within the age of 7 we pear ear for both boys and girls and add up the earnings this is because it makes the kidney function 

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