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Charm Cereals And Facts Behind It

Lucky charm are the cereals produced by Green Valley It mainly consists of  25% of Oats and Toasted Grains in it they generally look like Multi colored Marshmallow

In 1986 they lined up an contemporary Marshmallows to it 

In 1990 they added up the worlds green day in which the tree shaped Marshmallow were added up in it and gifted to people on all free purchase

In 1992 then they added sprinkles to the marshmallows

Green pine tree structure were added to the Marshmallow 

In 1999 Moon shaped Marshmallows were a great hit in the field

In 2000 a concept was introduced in Rainbows and it was a Mega Hit

In 2010, the swirled Marshmallows were mega hit in the country

Oats are generally whole grain foods which reduces the cholesterol in body absorbs the bad cholesterol in food and body

Oats are the best way for dieting people

Oats can be formatted into falvours and and can be taken inside or consumed

Oats are always for well being of humanity , Oats can be flavored in different manner 

There Flavors in lucky charms they are chocolate lucky charms and it contains oats , sugar, flavors and some synthetics to add taste

Lucky Charms are again flavored with Soy and milk which are prefers for babies and their food for them 

It contain 2% of carbohydrates in it, it also contains calcium, protein, starch, carbohydrates and other stuffs too

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