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Charm Disney And Facts Behind It

Disney is the one we know which entertain us all way and its being a great entertainer for our children, and the great Disney land at USA has many visitors from all over world , it entertains our children and most of our children are entertained only either through games, or by watching games and this great technology development has its own impact on all , speaking about Disney shall we discuss about some little unknown facts in it

Disney used a popular character Aladdin in its film that idea of Disney was Mega hit and from after that Disney started using popular characters in its field

Disney took an year around to create the Duck, Goose, and little mermaid character, the little mermaid character was originally originated from the old classic holly wood movies of sleeping beauty and many others like that 

The movie Aerilas Father took a back story of Greek king and people say many stories are missing in it, but on the whole Disney is only tragetting on the popular characters to work out

Many Disney movies has the complaint of Sex in them but actually the movie has no such content in the Little Mermaid movie the mermaid is actually Knee to him and in the Lion And King Film, the Words written on sky were SFX  to show up the graphical effects on it

The Original name of Lion and King Movie is King of Jungle but Disney changed the movie  name since Lions wont reside at jungle 
Another amazing fact is in the film Bambi, the Bambi Speaks only 1000 words for whole film and not only this the film Sleeping beauty the character of princess speaks only 18 minutes conversation for whole film

There are originally 7 fairies in film where only 3 were found in the whole film and fairies are supposed to look alike were it was not done

A fairy tale of Cindrella

In the cindrella movie though we call the hero a prince charm but actually there is no name for him so Cindrella runs with the man who is not only stranger but the one who does not hold even a name
Alice in Wonderland And Cindrella was a huge success in the field, it was block buster hit in the field.

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