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Charm FingerPrints And Facts Behind It

Our Finger Prints are the one which is unique when compared with one another no two people in this whole world can have similar finger prints even identical twins have different finger prints they don't posses same finger prints, generally finger prints are found to be analysed in all criminal activities this is generally done because we get our finger imprints wherever we touch , these fingers oozes out the salt and few oily substance through minute pores and so these are used for finding the imprints

Finding finger imprints on cloths is tuff because these absorb the salt and oily substances and so no prints can be found

When we happen to have any fire accident then the new tissue replacing it will have the same finger prints only when the wound is large, and large amount of tissue is being replaced there are chances of changing finger prints

Have you ever thought about on where these finger prints get developed , when you are in your mother womb you will find these widgets growing and no identical widgets can found for two persons

There are different kind of  finger prints through which you can find or predict your future events

With your finger prints we even predict the cancer causing agents in the body , whether you have cahnces of getting affected by cancer or not

If you are then there are curable through which can predict with your finger prints

Not only this when a baby is born it is necessary that preserving its umblical chord through which we can cure even cancer disease this awareness is been given to all parents where in India its not been followed properly, so people must know the seriousness behind it

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