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Charm Japan And Interesting Facts behind It

Japan as we know a land of earthquakes and showing vast development in all technology field , but here are few facts about japan which amazingly shocking too...

Eating raw Horse meat is common in japan, people eat raw horse meat in japan by slicing it very thin strange to hear but the fact is very true

Over 70% of Japan is only mountains and country alone contains 200 volcanoes

A Musk melon is sold for 300 yen in Japan

The literacy rate of Japan almost runs up to 100%

The vending machines in japan always render Beer

Japanese life expectancy is always 4 years more than Americans

Shaving head in Japan is a form of Apology

Young sumo -wrestlers must clean and bath veteran wrestlers up to reaching all hard places

Japans unemployment rate is less than 4% almost all are working in the country and thats why the country is developing rapidly

Over 60% of  animated movie versions are from japan , thir movies plays an important role out of it

Among the over all population 21% are elderly population in Japan when compared to youngsters , on the whole youngsters are less in Japan

Always Japanese home floors are raised up to 6 inches indicating to remove the shoe and must enter only with slipper if the room contained Tatami mat room then the floor is raised only up to 2 inches which indicates to remove your slipper even

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