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Facts And Myth On Onions

Onions are the wonderful gift given to us in our wholesome ,meal,because onions got an Anti-oxidant agent in it

Onions contain no vitamins and minerals in it

But onions contain ample amount of nutrients in it , onions contain dietary nutrients fiber and vitamin C in them Vitamin B6 and folic acid too one cup of Onion usage birgs 11% of fiber content, 8% of Folic acid, and 13% of Vitamin B6

On cooking Onions it wont lose nutrients whether you consume onion cooked or raw it retains its all nutrients as such without losing it

You cant stop yourself from crying while cutting Onions because, when you cut onions it turns to ally sulphate which make you cry and give irritation to eyes 

You can avoid by cutting Onions in running Water and by freezing it for half an hour and by cutting it by wearing glasses and protecting your eyes 

Do not cut the root part it contains more crying substance in it cut the head first

On other hand this substance is good for health because it clears all dirt from your eyes

Onion breath can be stop by chewing few coffee grains or mint leaves

Onion has got more number of medicinal uses in it which can even cure few heart diseases

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