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Facts Behind Murano Glass Charm

Knowing about arts and articraft is always appreciable,here we are to discuss upon Murano glass which was historical spoken as very expensive materials , yes glass at one point is found to be very expensive materials those were available only in small size which was accessible to public, glass was first produced in Middle east around 3000BC Glass Making was first introduced in Venice and it has been operated continuously from that time   it was considered to be as worlds most conveted treasures.

In 1921, the government of Venice banned the furnaces of glass making from central Venice this is due to fear of  Burning in the central Venice where people are densely populated, if there is a fire accident then it would spoil all wooden structure in central Venice. These glass makers were found to be in royalty and  gave more privileges to them in all their tasks, one of the most privilege act was Daughters of Glass makers can marry Venice Blue -Blooded family .

These glass products were highly costly, in which it earned allot of wealth to Venetian.Then during the year of 1450, there was a rapid development in the field of glass making through which Christallo discovered on hoe to remove the impurities from the glasses and from that on wards a crystal clear glass were made. These hike in price were depreciated after that.All secrets of glass making recipes were passed on to sons from father of their family to develop their business and trade.

Murano excelled great in this field with their specialty of thin glass making, and their usage of different tools which are being used now in today's technology . Then by that gradually there was a long term decline in Venice and all political and logical collapse happened through which  it came to a total decline during 1600...

As a impact of gradual diminishing items Murano was totally restricted through which the glass export and import to murano was totally declined in all fields around 1800. Then after that Murano was restricted about raw materials and all its furnaces were closed.
Then on 1854 a new Era on producing the Venetian tiles came into market,they initially marketed only that but then soon they showed a good impact on their growth showing all their skills and growth on it. But at last Murano glass makers found their way for marketing through they expanded their skills on sovereign of Austria and Italy. 

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