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Facts On Lotus

Lotus our national flower, being our national flower most of the people never knew the real meaning behind it and many facts behind it too

There are more than 2,50,00 species of flowering plants in the world Out of which lotus is something special

Titan Arum is the worlds most height est flower almost 10 feet high but it got some horrible rotten flesh smell

Tulip bulbs were more costly than gold because it symbolises imortality love and peace so they were so costly

Only because of this reason its been made as national flower , but i think we hardly peace in our country because people at India are to discriminate on other religion and people

Ancient civilizations burnt Aster leaves to sacrifice to ward of evil spirits

Ancient Egyptians used Lotus Flower for purifying souls they considered as good sign , and the special thing about is even when lotus have no water it will drought even for years together and will bloom again when it finds water so Egyptians considered it as Reincarnation of Life so they used in all burial functions

Lotus has been discovered as one of the most oldest flower in earth

The juice from this flower is used to make glue

Lotus bloom only at night and not during Day time

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