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Few Facts About Maths

By hearing this word Mathematics many students nod their head and start showing faces towards the word it’s because the hateredness towards the subject they show, most of the children hate maths they don’t show much interest on it, they feel it as a tuff subject to dealt with… but there is an general issue saying that people who are good at maths has good left brain working on them , we say eating ladies finger improves maths talent , it is truly yes because ladies finger stimulate left brain to work more… few unknown interesting facts on maths are being discussed here…
On world maths day around 2.13 billion students all around world participated in it and it is found that most of the student answered 239, 478 questions almost correct
Americans pronounce mathematics as “math” this is because they exclaimed mathematics is singular noun so math should be also singular noun…

We always call maths, which is much longer time than they call it math
Mathematics is an anagram of “me asthmatic”
The only number spelled with alphabetical order is forty
The Taming of shrew is the only Shakespeare play that included mathematics in it
Notching on the animal bone shows that there was computation made around 30,000BC
 Mathematics is the subject which has been used from decades ago and we Indians breathe maths in all our day to day life, Hindus greatly trust horoscope everything is a calculation made, and whole universe is been working with the calculation only, that is how planets are rotating on what manner everything, each and every minute stuffs are made been calculated… 

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