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Fun Facts Behind Charm Physics

Physics are one where children hate to learn because of its facts proofs and derivation in it, the physics is a subject of facts where nothing speaks about except facts of it, for the most physics lovers here are few Charming facts behind it

Dead sea  so dense with salt so that you can float upon it without drowning

Lake Bahikal in Russia contains more water than all other lake in North America

The black Iron Wood is the densest Wood in world such that it does not float it only sinks in water

The total mass of our atmosphere is found to be 5.5 quadrillion 

Chewing gum is actually invented by a dentist named william Semiel to give an exercise to your Jaw

The diameter of proton is actually 1/25,000,000,000 inch

All graphite can be turned to a diamond under the temperature of 3000 Celsius and 1000 atm

Underground water is 50 times more than the water in the area outside the river sea and lakes

The first ten feet of ocean holds hot water as much as outside the water

Lightning bolt is 3 times hotter than the sun

On average very human body posses a pressure of 1 kilogram

The deepest location of earth is considered to be as Marina trench which is most deepest area

The redwood tree bark is Fire proof

The peak of mount Everest can be found still in underwater

If our body is given the same mass then our body would be actually Hotter than Sun

There are wormholes existing around us which are actually smaller than atoms

As our finger nails grows every year

The average ice bergs weighs 200,0000 tons

Hot water freezes more than cold water

A gallon of water weighs more than 8.34 kgs

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