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Fun Facts Behind Charming Chemistry

Chemistry is the area where again students with draw their studies with that actually we use chemistry every day in our life , but we dint know the fact behind it, here are few amazing and charming facts for chemistry lovers

Shark teeth are as strong as Steel

The only letter not used in periodic table is 'j'

Lobsters have Blue Blood

Sound travels four times larger in water than in air

2 and 5 are only prime numbers that ends in 2 and 5

Women blink nearly twice as often as men

Ice cubes are always cloudy when you look into the cube you will get a shabby image of it look at the funniest part of it clear water gives clear view  whereas frozen water gives shabby view

When you fire something it can easily extinguished by many ways on if its way is baking soda

When a liquid like water or milk comes in contact with the flame the flame turns yellow in color

Earth is rotating around in fossil fuels on or other day it will get extinguished

Iodine is always used in cat scans, this is because it gives three dimensional appearance of objects inside it, so the nurse injects an iodine solution to the patient for clear view of it

We always love to have soda water when we are thirsty this is because the soda water immediately effervesce the thirst so this is just called as soda water or carbonated water

Soaps are generally made up of little lather substances a and aromatic chemicals added to it this helps in cleaning the body

Smog is a combination of smoke and fog the smoke is formed by air pollution and it been found in 1873 in London

Basic fact of Bio-gas is that it contains no oxygen in it 

Pencil is made out of tree barks which is helpful in writing and the same technology been used in trees for eraser , a few tree gums are used in manufacturing eraser

Greek were used to invent paper, they took tree barks boiled it and made paper but now a days technology speaks more and we got variety of papers 

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