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Green Card Specifications And uses

Green Card is one which provides you a legal permission to live in USA you can apply for green card through Family, employer and for many other reasons too but this process takes a long time to complete with

First know your eligibility criteria:
Try to get it through your family that is if you are related to any of the people residing at USA can get appeal to the law mentioning that and this process is one of the earliest when compared with other process of finding your ways in getting the Green Card

But if you older than 21 and if your marital status changes then process is difficult to process there

You can try getting Green Card using few criteria s like if you are a battered child for any of the couple or if  widow or widower of any one residents there or if you have birth certificate over there you could easily process

Now coming to the other Option we can apply for Green Card through Job 

By getting permanent job in USA stating that You are an alien worker and for immigration purposes through the rule of 140-1

If you are an entrepreneur there then you must get Green Card through paying an amount of $1,000,000

If you fall in the category of iraqi or afghan then you get attested with some special army forces

You cant reside in a country as a refugee then applying for green card mandatory for them

If you are residing inside a country as asleey then green card is mandatory

Without green card you cant stay in the country for longer time, when visa expires you must return back to your own motherland,so applying Green card is mandatory for people staying longer in there
Without Green card no legal happening can be done you cant register any business on your own there and many other formalities too...

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