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History Behind Charm Halloween

Its the time of year again to Halloween, people celebrate Halloween but have you ever know the history behind celebrating Halloween

Halloween celebrates the christian holiday which is likely to be rooted in clestic holiday and number of other pre christian holiday

First Halloween were celebrated with turnips, but then it rooted into American culture through Irish people and they used Pumpkins for Halloween day to celebrate which disappointed many Turnip Framers 

The behind is Jack played a trick with devil to pay his drink and with this the devil finds away the trick and now jack placed turnip carving his own face on it

Halloween pumpkin harvest is world wide famous, on the year of 2011 illinosis took the Guinness record prize

Past children used to go door by door and pray for the resting souls to get cupcakes and food to eat, but noe in this century its been cahnging with all modification

To dress up historically a peanut snoopy will better suit on the day of Halloween

Halloween candys sells up to $6 billion every year

With or without candy Halloween party is always rocking with the baked cakes, which contains a fortune teller and whoever gets that will be unfortunate about the love of next year

With the name of Halloween many take up  on tourism advantages over that and earn out of it good

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