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Metals And Facts Behind It

Metals are the one which we use everyday in our day today life, generally metals are strong malleable , ductile , heat resistant and whatever ornaments we were are mostly made up of Metals , in fact certain metals are good for health and that's the reason why we were ornaments we were in our body everyday

Metals can be heated and molded into any shape which is required enough 

Gold is a metal which will not corrode so that's the metal good for making ornaments

Many other metals has its own properties some metals are very costly because these are rarely found metals in our earth which has to be processed and and wear upon

Few Gems are also really precious this because of its nature and property it posses

The most commonly found metal is aluminium and Iron which are very useful in making alloys 

Almost all metals are good conductors of heat electricity they can be easily shaped into any format accordingly

Copper are the best conductor of heat and electricity and that's why copper is been used in many electrical components for its transmission process 

Aluminum is good heat absorbent and that's its been used to absorb heat heat energy from all materials 

Most of our electrical transmission materials are made out of copper because of its good good heat resistant property

In periodic table most of the elements are only metals in it

Alkali metals are those which Sodium , Rubidium, Cesium, and Francium these have high alkaline properties in it

Metals are strong enough for all natural and climatic discrimination and that's why metals are used for making bridges, buildings and many other stuffs 

Tungsten has very high Melting point and Carbon has its second Melting point

Steel is an important mixture of alloys where many metals are combined to form and strong component out of it 

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